Smile Gallery

Cosmetic dentistry can make a huge difference in a smile. While every patient has a before and after smile, we can only show a few here. Other patients have provided written testimonials of their experience with the dental care of San Francisco dentist Dr. Ken Hovden.


VeneersBA1“Dr. Hovden is the best dentist and his staff is friendly & helpful. He is my family dentist and he put eight beautiful veneers on my teeth and performed gum surgery for me.

I have had dental veneers and gum surgery at other dental offices and Dr. Hovden in the most competent! I highly recommend him!” — Nicole

VeneersBA6“I had a great experience with Dr. Hovden and am so pleased with his cosmetic dentistry work. I went in for my first appointment six weeks before my wedding, hoping to fix a few things that have always bothered me about my smile.

Dr. Hovden was very accommodating and created a plan to fix the problem ares in my short timeline. Every detail of the process was thoroughly explained and a very conservative approach was emphasized. He focused on making sure I was happy with the progress and results on each visit. I was thrilled with the outcome and LOVE my smile!

I would highly recommend Dr. Hovden to anyone looking for a cosmetic dentist. He is a true specialist and takes great pride in his work.” — Anonymous


VeneersBA3“Dr. Hovden, I am very happy with the work you have done. The veneers on the upper teeth are beautiful. You are a true professional and a cosmetic dentistry artist. You deserve all the recognition you have received.” — Richard


VeneersBA2“I was extremely happy with the education, guidance, execution and final product that I received from Dr. Hovden. His process allowed me to understand the decisions I was making for my health and my teeth. His expertise gave me the comfort to know I was working with the best.

I would highly recommend Dr. Hovden to all of my friends and family.” — Mike