Prepless Veneers For Teeth

Lumineers with a dentist in Daly City and PacificaPrepless veneers are simply thin veneers… thin veneers that don’t require the prepping associated with other veneers for teeth. When you come in for a visit at our Daly City office, Dr. Ken Hovden will partner with you to make sure thin veneers really are the best option for you.

For your convenience, we have provided information on this page covering the process for applying thin veneers for teeth and the benefits of thin veneers.


  1. Consultation : You will first meet with Dr. Hovden to make sure you are a good candidate for thin veneers for teeth.
  2. Molds / Model Creation : Dr. Hovden will take a mold of your current teeth or design the ideal tooth shape and characteristics which are then used to create your thin veneers.
  3. Application : Dr. Hovden will expertly and comfortable apply your new teeth veneers to complete your veneers for teeth treatment.


thin veneers for teeth in San FranciscoDURABLE | Even though these thin veneers may seem fragile, they can actually last for a good long while and help your smile stay as timeless as you.
NATURAL LOOKING | Thin veneers can be amazingly natural looking — especially when applied by cosmetic dentist Dr. Ken Hovden.
INSTANT ORTHODONTICS | One of the most popular benefits of veneers for teeth is the immediate straight smile they will create for you.
REMOVABLE | Thin veneers don’t require prepping or drilling to your natural tooth, which means you can remove the veneer later if needed.


Lumineers are indeed a popular prepless veneer option today here in San Francisco. After much experience and research, Dr. Hovden has opted to use other types of prepless porcelain veneers and not Lumineers. Though you may be familiar with the name Lumineers, Dr. Hovden uses other thin veneers that are superior in aesthetics and durability.

Call today to learn more about veneers for teeth and schedule a visit to determine if thin veneers are the best veneer option for you. We would love to help in Daly City if you are in the South San Francisco – Pacifica area! If you are interested in other cosmetic dentistry services, take a look at our main website.