Benefits of Tooth Veneers


tooth veneers with a South San Francisco dentist PacificaThe first thing that catches the attention of others who see you is usually your smile. If you want your first impression to be great, it is vital that you have an engaging smile and gleaming white teeth that are beautiful and enhance your overall appearance.


Take advantage of the technique known as smile design if you have concerns about the image your smile creates. Smile design utilizes advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments (like porcelain veneers) to help design and create your ideal smile. Other options exist, but the benefits of tooth veneers are so fantastic that they are often employed in smile design cases.


NON INVASIVE | With the development of tooth veneers, resolving dental aesthetic issues and creating a beautiful smile design is now quickly and easily performed. The most preparation needed for a porcelain veneer is simply prepping the surface of the tooth to hold the porcelain veneer. No extractions. No blood. No drama.
porcelain veneer smile design dentist Daly CityBEAUTIFULLY NATURAL | Our porcelain veneers are made of materials that are so natural looking that they even mimic the natural shine and translucency of natural teeth. Literally, most people would not be able to tell AT ALL that your porcelain veneers are not your natural teeth.
LOW MAINTENANCE | Tooth veneers might sound flimsy or fragile, but this is not the case. Dr. Hovden utilizes extremely durable and strong porcelain, giving you a beautiful and natural looking smile that might just outlast you.
SMILE DESIGN | A huge benefit of tooth veneers is the precision they allow Dr. Hovden to complete your smile design with at our Daly City office. You can count on your porcelain veneer smile design giving you a stunning final result.

Considering a new smile design with tooth veneers? Schedule a visit with Dr. Hovden today to discover if porcelain veneers will get your smile to its ideal, gorgeous state. He and his staff are eager to serve residents of the South San Francisco – Pacifica area from our Daly City practice.

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